How to Identify the Spammy Backlinks or Bad Backlinks?

A bad link or spammy backlink usually comes from unrelated or untrusted sources. Those websites who have been penalized for violating the rules of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines may give a negative impact on your SEO. To avoid the bad backlinks you must make a quick website audit to all the websites on which you are going to make your backlinks. There are many tools available nowadays with the help of which you can see the domain authority as well as the spam of the website. If there is a high spam count and you create a backlink there then it may affect the ranking of your website. Spam backlinks lead to Google Penguin Penalty which may affect the traffic on your website. Have a look at the following characteristics that spam backlinks consist of:

  • Low domain authority,
  • 100+ outbound links
  • Low trust flow,
  • High Spam Score,
  • Low citation flow,
  • Domain not indexed by the Google,
  • Low MozRank, etc.

Google’s John Muller tells what you can do to get rid of the spammy link to your website. The concern is this that the ranking could be harmed. John Muller states that it is nothing as such to worry about, and he gave an interesting exception about the case where many of the individuals prefer to buy links for their website.

The question was- Our website has about 10k backlinks and there are many websites that are either spammy, few are penalized and few are not even indexed. Should we prefer to ignore them or should we act like we are unknown to the fact of backlinks negative impact?

John Muller answered- For the most of the part, you are unaware of the previous activity of the SEO done in your website. If a website has been there around for a long time then it contains the link from many crazy places.

Spammy links are usually those that are happening for a long time and most of the successful websites have them as their backlink. Spammer put hundreds or thousands of web pages using the brand name of websites and a bit of their content just for the motive of ad clicks or infecting the visitors with the malware attacks. John Muller advises that this kind of web activity is normal and successful websites have these kinds of spammy backlinks to their websites.

About Negative SEO-

John Muller advised not to worry about the negative SEO just in case of an exception. He says that if you are aware that someone is buying lots of links and doing a lot of things that are against the guidelines of webmaster then we don’t care about it. He dint explained the reason as for why not to worry about the negative SEO. But he mentioned the advice to don’t worry about the spammy links. The conclusion of the talks of John Muller is simply this that you can’t actually do anything about the spammy links and have no control over, so simply you need to avoid them. Hence spammy backlinks are the normal activity on the internet. Instead of worrying about them you need to focus on the on-page factor to make sure why it is lacking the ranking when it should not.

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