Google fake reviews

Google Fake Reviews: How to Deal with them?

It’s a business owner nightmare if he got a negative fake review on Google. He puts his time, blood and sweat into the company and fake remark may scratch his reputation. In this online world, it’s quite easy to build any fake account and leave a negative review for any organization or company. Google has a lot of policies for those users who leave reviews but some violate them.

  The challenge is that Google is unaware of who are your customers; they allow anonymous customers to leave a review. It’s difficult to prove the identity of a person who is online. The second one is, there is not an eligibility criteria for a customer to leave a review.

What You Have To Do In Such Circumstances?

But there are ways to reduce the damage caused by the grumpy customer to your company’s credibility. Follow the steps provided below to minimize the effect:-

  • First of all stay cool, don’t get disturbed,
  • Evaluate the situation properly,
  • Respond quickly to this review,
  • If the review is fake, either delete it or flag it for removal,
  • Rectify the situation,

Never ignore a review; you must review it within 24 hours. Instead of writing a lengthy statement keeps your response brief. Own up to whatever the review is all about, never deny that your organization did not do anything wrong. Apologize, even if it wasn’t your fault. Ask him to offer support to fix the problem as soon as possible. Keep up your promises, and show prospects how you reply to any customer who is dissatisfied.

google fake reviews

Staying over what happens can really transform your terrible review into a decent audit. For instance, if a client was troubled with a service and you returned with a proper response and settled it, then that client may change their negative review into positive with a bit of poking. We’ve witnessed that in numerous circumstances. Most of the times, it is found that individuals leaving an awful review simply need their problem to be settled, and need you to be pleasant about it. It’s normal for the individuals to change a 1-star survey to a 4-star after the proprietor demonstrates a little regular fairness.

When you work hard to build a good sounding business, it’s sometimes very frustrating when randomly a person misuses his or her power to destroy your recognition. Don’t get upset at such circumstances, think about the future prospects and respond calmly. It is better to get as many reviews as you can so that the negative review will get automatically be drowned by the positive ones. Train your employees, tighten up the customer service and you will surely see the change for good.

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