How to protect your website from competitor spam traffic

How to protect your website from competitor spam traffic

What spam or Negative Traffic

 A traffic which is irrelevant or not generated by your own work and the aim to generate that traffic is to increase your bounce rate, we can called it spam traffic.



Not generated by you

Aim to increase bounce rate

Generate by your competitor

Aim to decrease your website SEO ranking

Generally generate from same IP address

Who can generate Spam Traffic

Your competitor

Your Ex-employee

Any Hacker

How to identify spam traffic

You can identify negative traffic by using some tools easily. Such as make an account on IP tracker and check every week or after two or three days. You can also install Zopim chat in your website and can easily trace the traffic because it shows that which use came how many times and from which IP.

How to protect your website

When you face spam or negative traffic analysis their IP and block it in Google Analytics.

Login to Google Analytics


All Filters

Add Filters

Filter Name


Select the filter type


Select the source destination

Traffic from IP addresses

Select Expression

That are equal to

Type that IP address

And Save

This process will exclude the traffic from certain IP and can save your website from negative SEO.

But my personal experience is that if anyone generating spam traffic for you, you just need to keep strict watch on it and should ignore for three or four days. If traffic is coming from the same source then should take solid steps against it. Because one of my competitor has generated spam traffic for my website Digital Marketing Clue and because of it my website is ranking on higher position after that he stops own his own. So don’t take step without analyzing things.

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