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Should I Noindex Tag, Archive Pages, Category and Author?

So the most fundamental of questions which are asked by website developers is whether the concerned professional should utilize the nointex option on Archive Pages and Category in order to stop the duplication of website content.

Does the noindex tag affect website traffic in a negative manner?

In order to answer this question, an individual must primarily have a complete understanding of Google and its operations. The most relevant answer to the question would be that noindex tag does not actually affect website traffic. Google generally does not take into consideration tag pages such as category pages or search results which have been listed out of the box on popular control management software such as WordPress.

If Google feels that the content present has any value, only then will it be crawled and indexed. However, such is not the case with larger websites which takes part in thousands of transactions and has various products listed on it as the concerned firm would require Google crawlers to act on the pages that actually holds value and discard the things which are irrelevant.

Understanding the application and the difference between the following four variables is critical.

  • txt Blocking
  • Meta Robots NoIndex Tag
  • 404s
  • Soft 404s

Therefore, the selection and the decision making the ability of the web developer is critical here. If a page has zero value, then it should either be deleted completed by establishing an error 404 standard. However, if a particular page is essential for the user navigation, then the noindex tag should be applied.

In Google’s book, if a web-page in under noindex tag, then it is automatically treated as soft 404s. What this means is that the traffic generated on this page will not determine and contribute to the ranking position of the specific website.

Thus, it goes with saying that the knowledge to noindex commands is of absolute importance and must not be disregarded by a developer and his respective team. So if you are in a dilemma of whether or not to noindex a page which has no value but is essential for navigation, then you should examine your strategy again or make the decision of tagging it under noindex.

On the other hand, if you have a basic website with only a few of these pages, then it would be better not to engage and flirt with it. Trust on Google as it can take care of such complications on its own.

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