Digital Marketing – A Boon For SME and Startup Sector

According to Google and IPSOS study, business has increased their sales three times more while using digital marketing locally as well as globally as compared to that who didn’t do it.

Today every business future is depending on the brand visibility. Today 4 billion people are using the internet and getting affected by it. They change their buying behavior by affecting social networks, forums, Google and many digital publications. In this super competition era of digital marketing, it is going difficult to save our brand and to promote them for SME and newly born startups. But digital consumption has given them a new playground where all sizes of business houses can see their capabilities.

Let’s explain how digital marketing search a new way of competition between SME and large caps.

  1. ROI (Return on Investment):- Prior to Adword and digital marketing revolution, Business houses totally depend on advertisement and sales. Business owner wastes a lot of money on advertisement and has no parameter to check how much we got from that expenses. John Wanamaker right said that “Half of the money I spent on the advertisement is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. This was done because of lack of parameter which shows that how much return we received from which one. Digital marketing has tried to solve this problem. Now SME and startup can major and calculate the income and spend on their advertisement. So that they can make a marketing strategy accordingly. This has been done easily because of simply availability of ROI calculating tools and their focus change from spent to result.
  2. Targeting through multiple platforms:- earlier days when an entrepreneur used to start their startup he had limited options like amazing database, cold calling and costly print and TV advertisement without targeting. On the contrary digital marketing has targeted PPC campaign with the option of starting your advertisement budget from 500, SEO with a targeted audience, content marketing, customize email marketing, banner remarketing and Youtube search, display, and in-stream ads. A user has an option with the micro-targeted campaign with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Taboola and Outbrain.
  3. Direct Reach to Customer:– In digital marketing SME can reach their customers directly with the same competition but in past days they need to speak loudly. They can get directly inbound leads and interaction with customers by making their journey helpful and relevant. Small businesses now can get the trust and reliability by attracting content marketing. If SME has little knowledge of the sales process they can develop powerful brand visibility.
  4. Remarketing:– Before the digital marketing revolution customer used to remember the large-cap brand name in the replacement of the product. Such as customer had replaced the Parle G name with biscuits. This had reduced the competition between brands and only one brand was taking benefit because of brand visibility. But in the current scenario, it seems to be difficult because of changing methods of marketing. Now SME can also remarket their visitor and can make their branding through different channels. Remarketing plays the biggest role in branding in Digital marketing.

Conclusion:–      When you have far knowledge about your customers and have different platform to reach your audience, your chances are increased to convert them in conversion. One needs to accept one thing that total revenue doesn’t increase by increasing revenue but also be reducing your cost. Digital marketing has reduced the cost of marketing. You can send any MSG to tour customer thousand of kilometer by free of cost through email marketing. Online marketing is far cheaper than traditional marketing.

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