8 Points – How To Avoid The Website Mistakes Revealed By Content Audits

8 Points – How To Avoid The Website Mistakes Revealed By Content Audits

The main advantage of working with an organization is the volume of websites that we evaluate. The clients who sign up for ongoing SEO or content services receive a content audit. Without the audit, we can’t follow a specific strategy because we first need to know what types of content is missing, what you have included and what you have written many times.You can check out many posts regarding the content audit. Here on our blog, we are going to be focusing on discussing what can be the possible mistakes that could happen while doing a content audit. We can help you in improving your website content to attract the targeted audience on your website for a longer time period.

  1. 8 Points – How To Avoid The Website Mistakes Revealed By Content AuditsNo Clear Action:-When you post the content then make sure that goal should be very clear. If you want a visitor to stay on your page then it should be clear that what he has to do next, for eg. If he has some queries then the contact number should be mentioned, or if you are providing something to download then lead them to that place. You may lose the visitors if they got puzzled around what to do next.
  2. Lack Of Content:-While conducting the content audit we go through sales page and check the awareness, maintenance, purchase, etc. We sometimes end up in finding that most of the contents are focused only on purchasing the product but don’t aim at the retention, awareness, and consideration. Most of the times for eg. While posting a blog the retention & consideration process is either skipped or forgotten. It is important to briefly state the content no matter how wide it is. If your customer is aware of your brand then he will be less price sensitive. Keep them engaged with the uses and benefits of your product.
  3. Don’t Neglect Testimonials:-Don’t create testimonials page on Google, MyBusiness, Yelp, Tripadvisor, there is a right place for testimonial such as if you are going to post about the customer receiving its product easily and safely then place it on the shipping page. Testimonials are helpful in the search for local relevance.
  4. Make Content Relevant:-It is obvious for many of the businesses that location matters to them, therefore if you are using testimonials to boost your searching then make your content relevant to the location as well. There are so many websites that are telling about the same product, content must also be similar in terms of selling. We recommend you to make your content much related with the location this will help your website to be searched easily with nearby keywords and relevant content.
  5. Talk About The Price:-Many companies who are doing B2B business, don’t list their product prices on the website. It is understandable but it is a missed opportunity, as it sometimes annoys the customers who want to know the price before continuing further. If you can’t disclose the price then provide the least information that could help in determining the approximate rates on your website. This can help your sales team to avoid wasting the time on bad leads. And if in case, if your competitors are hiding the price then surely the customer will reach to you first.
  6. Don’t get into jargon:-When it comes about describing your product or services then, you must always include about what your product is, why should a customer care about it and how it could make his/her life easier. And last but not the least don’t forget about the next step where to lead them.Discussing the customer’s success story, real cases, business results plays a vital role in increasing the audience at your end. It not only build up the trust but also claims about your business products.
  7. Avoid page duplication:- Most of the websites having SSL certificate moves to HTTPS, but make sure that 301 redirects from HTTP version to HTTPS version in order to prevent the duplication of your complete website.Due to which the content is also duplicated unintentionally which impact on the search rankings, as search engine gets befuddled with which version of the page is more relevant. So avoid the website duplicity.
  8. Avoid poor internal linking:- While organizing a content on your website make sure that the pages are structured in an easy to find a way. You can use the navigation such as internal linking. Some portion of making imperative pages simple to discover is through internal linking. Web content is often made on a continuous premise, and being shrewd about internal linking which requires setting aside the opportunity to take a look at the webpage which makes the most sense.Sometimes while writing a blog people forget to interlink the core website at the source URL of the blog, and hence the user never reaches there.And if they don’t reach then how will they proceed to the next step. So, keep these things in your mind.

Wrapping Up

The content audit is one of the best ways to drill into your business or brand. It consumes time but it’s worth it. If offers the insight details of your website performance. As a leading digital marketing company in Delhiwe also engage our team members to make sure that no content gap exists. It depends on you and also on the amount of the content on your website that you are publishing, as when you want to do the content audit. We after every few months re-run the audit to find the weakness, more opportunities, and threats on our website. This helps in keeping our skills updates for the changing digital marketing platform.Content audits help a lot to update your website and in gathering more lot audience into your business. So drive traffic, increase your revenue before it’s too late. For any sort of queries, you may contact us on our number.

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